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Cindy Shrigley – Bio

I specialize in treating a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression, addictions, past and current trauma. I have expertise in EMDR therapy and am certified as an EMDRIA approved consultant. I have trained with world experts in the applications of EMDR for grief, traumatic grief, complex trauma, and dissociation, as well as peak performance. In my clinical practice, I assist people in developing an understanding of the new science of the human brain that allows them to develop compassion for themselves and an understanding of the reasons for their symptoms.
**Services not OHIP covered, but extended health may cover**
In my 25 years of counselling it has been important to me to find treatment strategies that provide the best results for clients. EMDR can be used for many issues and I have been able to successfully to treat conditions that standard talk therapy has been unable to address.
I am in private practice. I provide EMDR consultation to EMDR therapists internationally via Skype. My office is an inviting, confidential, and healing space where clients can come to understand that all human issues are universal and leave with hope that help is available.